Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Story.....why this BLOG

I. My Story and Why I decided to do this BLOG:
a. Most influential person in my life was a teacher and a coach for basketball named Paul Struie. May not have even spelled his named correctly.
b. I played basketball and baseball growing through high school and then went on to college and ended up playing club lacrosse in college.
c. I have coached 30 seasons of ball in basketball, baseball, soccer, and football. I have become passionate about coaching.
d. Why I decided to do this BLOG:
“Two years ago I read “Season of Life” and it changed my perspective on coaching. Something else happened here at First Redeemer Sports at the same time that caused me to step back and begin thinking about what are we all about here at First Redeemer Sports. We begin to sell out our leagues. In not knowing how to move forward I discovered my outlet for growth in the sports world to help impact our community was to partner with FCA. As I have learned more and more about FCA I have discovered that their passion and direction is to influence coaches on the school campuses to share the Gospel and be an influence on those they come in contact. I begin thinking about putting developmental teams together here for the purpose of training young athletes who will go on to play at the next level and will carry with them a set of values and a relationship with their Creator to the extent they would be willing to use the platform of sports to share about Christ.

To begin to get a group of Coaches who Love God, Love their players and recognize the influence they have on the hearts of their young athletes.

If you have Coached here you know we touch a large number of families through the sports ministry, but I want to go deeper. Each of you know, I have written devotionals to work into your practices throughout the season…ask “Who has used them in the past?” I want to go deeper and have more impact on purpose and that happens through coaches.

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