Thursday, January 24, 2008

Should Sports be Fun?

This week in our coaching round table we discussed the topic of "Fun" and should coaches strive to make the sport they coach fun for their players. We discussed if that perspective changes based on what level you were coaching. The levels of coaching we discussed were: Recrational level, competition but still below age 12, High School sports, College level and then professional. Although there were different opinions on this issue, there did seem to be a relation between winning and fun, but the coach has a huge influence on whether individuals on a given team have fun during the year.

If you are a coach of any level please comment and provide your thoughts on the subject of having "Fun" through sports and what influence a Coach has on the outcome of "Fun".

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Jim Hoffmann said...

H- I have very strong feelings about the PCA statistic that states that 7 out of 10 youth players leave a sport by the age of 13 directly due to the "winning at all cost" mentality coaches and parents force on our youth players. FUN should be the operative word and a coach can use fun as a distinct advantage if he knows how too.